SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS)

SafeNet Authentication Service

Gemalto SafeNet is the world leader in digital security and has an extensive portfolio of leading edge products and services.  In January of 2015 Gemalto finalized the acquisition of SafeNet, which included SafeNet’s offerings of Data Protection Solutions.  A key product in the Gemalto SafeNet solutions arsenal is SafeNet Authentication Service, which was started in 2011.  Many industry experts (Cybersecurity, SC Magazine, Gartner) have determined SafeNet Authentication Service is the industry leading Two Factor Authentication Solution available today.  SafeNet Authentication Service protects corporate date and enterprise applications from unauthorized access due to credential theft.  All users must verify their identities before they can access the network systems.  Here are some reasons to consider Gemalto SafeNet Authentication as your access solution:

  • A Two Factor Authentication Solution is the simplest and most effective way to verify a user is really who he says he is.
  • SafeNet authentication is simple to use, easy to learn and fast to implement for best network security services.
  • A fully tested, documented and ISO 27001-certfied solution.
  • 400 “Out of the Box” cloud service and network application integrations.
  • The SafeNet authentication platform can be deployed as a cloud based service.
  • Quickly enables mobile phones and BYOD with over-the-air provisioning of dispersed employees, consultants and business partners.
  • Easy QR code or point-and-tap activation.
  • Supports all PKI certificate based authentication (digital signatures and encryption).
  • Very effective against of breach of data and theft of credentials threats.
  • Simple subscription based Model.
  • Protects data assets across physical, hybrid and cloud-enabled environments.
  • No hidden fees to add new users.
  • Scales to hundreds of thousands of consumers.
  • Automatic updates for the security applications.
  • Centralized access policies and controls for all user devices.
  • Simplified management (allocate tokens, define policies, send user activation email).
  • Built-in Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities using SAML-based SSO to cloud, web and SSL VPN applications – at no additional cost.
  • Device qualification restricts application activation to those devices that comply with enterprise policies based on device OS.
  • Dynamic reseeding allows organizations to reprogram authenticators on demand using the highly sophisticated DSKPP seed generation process.
  • Multi-domain Support allows several tokens with different policies to be deployed within the same SafeNet authentication application, and for each ‘token’ to be separately used to access different resources.
  • Automated workflows reduce or eliminate capital expenditures and operating expenses.
  • Helps ensures corporate compliance with domestic and international government mandates and regulations.
  • Broad choice of form factors and authentication methods to enhance enterprise network security services.

Two Factor Authentication Solutions with Standards-based Security

Gemalto SafeNet Two Factor Authentication Solution provides unparalleled standards-based security that includes:

  • FIPS 140-2 validated hardware tokens and software.
  • Hardware tokens certified with Common Criteria.
  • Tokens that are field programmable.
  • Hardware-based root of trust.
  • Accreditation by ISO 27001:2013.
  • AICPA SOC-2 recognition.
  • DSKPP-secured provisioning of software tokens.
  • Software tokens with ANSSI certified libraries.
  • Supports all OATH OTP algorithms with optional PIN protection.
  • Biometric Touch ID PIN on iOS devices.
  • Advanced detection and protection from compromised devices such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Supports iOS7 and above; and Android 4, 5

There are numerous financial and technological advantages to the SafeNet Authentication Service.  Use cases for its Two Factor Authentication Solution include SaaS & Cloud, Digital Signatures, Web Portals, VDI, Local Network Access, Remote Access and End Point Protection.


Authenticators include USB Tokens, Soft OTP, Hard OTP, OOB Push, BLE Readers, Context, Grid, Smartcards, OOB SMS & Email.


The many industries served by SafeNet Two Factor Authentication Solution include Manufacturing, Telecom, Governments, Healthcare, Financial Services and Critical Infrastructure.


Gemalto SafeNet Two Factor Authentication Solution protects leading Enterprise Solutions for Cloud Applications, Security Gateways and VPNs from companies like:

About Gemalto SafeNet

The Gemalto SafeNet merger (headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands) has produced the world leader in Digital Security and Network Security Services.  Gemalto SafeNet has:

  • 15,000 employees.
  • 2016 sale revenues of $3.5 billion.
  • Customers in over 180 countries.
  • 27 R&D centers in 49 countries.
  • Holds over 100 patents.


Its product portfolio includes solutions for Banking & Payments, Enterprise Security, Government, Mobile and Software Monetization, Machine-to Machine Communications, and Gemalto SafeNet is the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM Cards.  The core foundation for all its data security products and services is encryption of data at rest, data under production, and data in transit.  Gemalto SafeNet also provides market leading encryption key management and key storage solutions.

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