BYOD Services

Support Personal Devices in Your Enterprise Deployment

With the consumerization of mobility, many enterprises are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, or a hybrid approach including deployed corporate-owned devices and a BYOD program. By enabling a BYOD program, or taking a hybrid approach, enterprises allow employees access to corporate resources from anywhere, increasing productivity and driving employee satisfaction. Securing employee-owned devices and supporting different mobile platforms, however, can create complex issues for IT departments.

AirWatch® enables unprecedented device choice and supports the device ownership models you choose without compromising the security and management of your mobile fleet. AirWatch provides a flexible model for asset management, policy enforcement, and distributing profiles, apps and content, based on device ownership type.

Employee Enablement
AirWatch supports all major mobile platforms, allowing you to implement a flexible BYOD program. Allow your employees to choose from the latest makes and models for their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Define devices eligible for enrollment with custom device whitelists and blacklists.

AirWatch’s simple enrollment process for end-users provides a consistent agent-based flow for major platforms. Users simply navigate to the given URL and designate their device as employee-owned. Once users are authenticated, profiles, applications and content configure automatically based on the user and device ownership type. Limit the number of employee-owned devices enrolled by setting a maximum number of devices allowed per user.

Mitigate Risk
AirWatch enables businesses to mitigate risks that are presented when employee-owned devices are access corporate resources. Custom Terms of Use (TOU) agreements based on user role, organization group, organization type and device platform to inform users about the data that will be captured and what they are allowed to do with the device. Require users to accept the TOU when they enroll a device and before accessing corporate resources. Administrators can update agreements at any time, and track who has accepted the TOU. AirWatch supports multi-lingual agreements.

Corporate Resources
AirWatch secures access to enterprise resources from employee-owned devices. Provide employees the ability to connect to enterprise Wi-Fi and VPN networks from their mobile devices by pushing profiles to devices automatically or on-demand. Administrators are able to set BYOD policies, push profiles and apps, and configure custom access to corporate content specific to employee-owned devices.

Employee Privacy
AirWatch enables companies to separate corporate and personal data on devices through customizable privacy policies that can be based on device ownership type. Configure policies to prevent data collection from personal email, content or applications on an employee-owned device. GPS location, personal user information and telecom data can also remain private, and employee-owned devices can be protected from a full device wipe or remote control.

Self-service Management
AirWatch empowers your employees and reduces the burden on IT with our self-service portal. From the portal, employees can enroll additional devices, view detailed device information and perform remote actions. Users can see installed profiles and applications, view GPS location, query the device, and clear passcodes. Users can also make requests for apps, profiles and technical support through the portal.

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